How can we check available time to book an Experience?

To check on availability of date[s], there’s a calendar on our Homepage and our Events page, where you can book from the calendar itself to join upcoming events or by giving us a phone call, send us a WhatsApp using the WhatsApp button placed on several pages, Use pop-up plugins on either the bottom left or right corners while visiting pages, send an email or even a Telegram message. Our contact information is placed on our contact and home page.

Can we book a tour and get back to our ship in time for departure?

Yes you can! There’s durations posted on each of our activities that we provide and we can adjust each activity as we see fit. We also have ferry schedules and contact, to reserve a seat for you to accommodate your ferry ride back to St. Kitts to catch your ship. We would also recommend that your ships departure time be shared with us to best help the situation of booking your experience.

Can we book at an earlier time?

There are several occasions where we booked earlier experiences, but that’s a tricky situation. We always try to accommodate at best for a suitable time for requested experiences.

Which hikes are more family oriented?

For the best family oriented hike, we highly recommend Nevis Waterfalls, Montravers, Saddle Hill, St. Kitts Waterfalls & Round Hill. If the family is the challenging type then Nevis Peak, Dos D’Anse Pond & Mt. Liamuiga is great for that bragging rights.

Is there an age limit for hikes?

There is an age limit for several hikes for our business, because we saw it fit to place one for the safety of the children. We also recommend that an adult accompany child/children which they know.
Nevis Peak we recommend children be 12 years and older. If children have done any form of physical activities then child 8 years over can journey, but must be accompanied by adult.
Nevis Waterfalls we recommend children be 8 years and older.
Saddle Hill & Montravers we recommend children be 8 years and older.
Round Hill we recommend children be 5 years and older.

St. Kitts Waterfalls we recommend children be 8 years and older.
Mt. Liamuiga & Dos D’Anse Pond we recommend children be 12 years and older.

What’s the closest booking time for experiences?

In some cases we’ve accommodated at best for late bookings within an hour of an activity. Our regular booking window is 24 hrs. prior to booking, but if an activity passes the booking window we try our best to waive additional cost to help guests. Regularly there’s a late booking fee of $20.00 USD per person after booking window or we charge as we see fit to best accommodate you.


1. Payments can be made online or by cash before or after activity. Because online payments require a fee, there’s an additional charge for payment fees which would be taxed on invoices (Regular Fees $30.00 USD). According to the amount of guests booked for an activity we waive additional fees on invoices and accept those charges internally.

2. For cancelation of any activity, we request that individuals cancel within 24hrs prior to activity. Any activity canceled after the 24 hrs. window would require 50% of activity cost be paid for inconvenience of company and its partners. According to the cancelation, we waive fees where it applies.

3. Due to certain circumstances beyond our control, some activities booked may subject to change, be shortened or cancel.

4. Waivers must be signed in all activities, once waiver is signed journey commences. If waiver isn’t signed we would take any individual on journey for particular reasons.

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