Nevis Trails

Nevis Trails

Nevis Peak Hike is a strenuous mountain climb of 3232ft high (985 meters) which is situated in the center of the island. The views while hiking to the top of the peak is astonishing, with the nice cool breeze, and the clouds passing along your face; you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

NEVIS WATERFALLS/Russel’s Rest HIKE – The trail to the Nevis Waterfalls is a nature trail that’s completely untouched. From the sweet sound of birds putting your mind at ease, to the wild palm trees, cocoa trees, bamboo trees and so much more that adds to the experience. There are several natural pools of cool revitalizing water, you’ll feel the utmost relaxing experience that the falls has to offer.

Round Hill SigHTSEEING WALK is a nice long walk going 1014ft above sea level on a hill top, which allows you significant views of The Capital Charlestown, Fort Charles & the entire St. Thomas & St. John’s Parish. Once arriving at the top, you will be able to view the Southeast Peninsula of our sister island St. Kitts. Explore the unseen angles of Nevis.

saddle hill walk – Saddle Hill Fortress also known as Nelson Lookout, is a great moderate hike/walk, which sits at 1250 ft. above sea level. In certain areas of Nevis, you can see the hills in the shape of a Saddle, hence the name. The fortress was built in the 1740’s to ward off enemy ships, and it was also a place where locals on island went for safety when there was an invasion.

Montravers Forest Hike/Walk has a nice moderate trek for the most part. After emerging at the highest point of the trail, you will have the pleasure of experiencing and excellent view of the first and oldest Anglican Church in the Caribbean, and a perfect view of St. Kitts. Also on a clear day the islands of Saba & Sint Eustatius, would be moderately viewable.

BUSH HILL ESTATE HIKE/WALK Walk along the old donkey cart road to Bush Hill Estate, an estate built in the 17th century which started operation in the 18th century. Witness many medicinal plants and loads of other plants as you walk and also may witness monkeys and donkeys during your journey.

ATLANTIC SEASIDE WALK Explore the Atlantic Side with us as you feel the Atlantic breeze and listen to the sea and the rocks. Walk to see the sea creatures on the rocks and wells that was hosted on a previous estate land!

ZION HILLSIDE HIKE Walk up the hill of Zion to witness the panoramic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Antigua, Montserrat & an ancient extinct lava dome called Redonda.

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