Nevis Tours

Nevis Taxi Tours

SCENIC ISLAND TOUR – Take a Scenic Island Tour with a panoramic view of Nevis while you gaze and take photos while enjoying your taxi drive. There will also be areas of astonishing views where you can take spectacular photos for everlasting memories and a pieces of history that you’ll learn bout the island.

SUN, SEA & SAND TOUR– In this tour enjoy & explore the nice & beautiful beach atmosphere of Nevis. Take a refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea and swim the clear blue waters, viewing the beautiful beach sceneries of Pinney’s Beach, Paradise Beach, Chrishi Beach & Lovers Beach.

ARTS, CRAFT & BOUTIQUE TOUR – Created by Local Entrepreneurs, this tour is one of the most beautiful indoor experiences that we offer. View local crafts, local painting, arts & hand made local clothing by our creative and impressive local designers.

RUM TOUR – This experience is interactive and educational. In collaboration with Nevis’s own rum expert and producer of award winning Clifton Estate Rum, we offer our guests a taste of Nevis. Guests learn about the process of rum making and to bottle and wax seal their own bottle of rum. Afterwards experience a well renowned local bartender skillfully showing you his rum pouring & serving skills at 5 Trees Bar & Lounge, and lastly enjoy a stop to purchase a bottle of rum from many selections at a rum shop.

VILLAGE TOUR – Explore the inner parts of Nevis, see how the locals live and experience the island in a local POV, while driving in your taxi from village to village.

17TH CENTURY CHARLESTOWN TOUR – Walk around the capitol of Nevis with its rich engulfed history with stories from the slave trade, the buildings in the capitol host a significant interest, that keeps you alive about the island’s past.