Nevis Waterfalls/Russel’s Rest Hike

Nevis Waterfalls Hike With Island Buzz Tours Nevis

• The trail to the Nevis Waterfalls (Russel’s Rest) is a nature trail that’s completely untouched. From the sweet sound of birds putting your mind at ease, to the wild palm trees, cocoa trees, bamboo trees and so much more that adds to the experience. There are several natural pools of cool revitalizing water, you’ll feel the utmost relaxing experience that the falls has to offer, similarly the falls has the same properties of our island Hot Springs, but just cool and refreshing!

Approx. 2.5 mi

Moderate to 1st Fall
Challenging to 7th Fall

Approx. 1800 ft.

Up To 3.5

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Requirements Per Person:
2 – NET 500ml (16.9 fl oz) Water
Snack and/or Fruits
Long or Short Sleeve Shirt
Leggings, Pants or Shorts
Waiver Must Be Signed

  • Price $40.00 USD Per Person (Guided Hike Only)
  • Transportation 1-2 Persons – $50.00 USD
  • Transportation 3+ Persons – $20.00 USD Per Person
  • Lunch Available Upon Request

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