Saddle Hill Hike/Walk

Saddle Hill Hike/Walk With Island Buzz Tours Nevis

• Saddle Hill Fortress also known as Nelson Lookout, is a great moderate hike/walk, which sits at 1250 ft. above sea level. In certain areas of Nevis, you can see the hills in the shape of a Saddle, hence the name. The fortress was built in the 1740’s to ward off enemy ships, and it was also a place where locals on island went for safety when there was an invasion.

Approx. 1.8mi


Approx. 1250 ft.

Up To 3

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Requirements Per Person:
2 – NET 500ml (16.9 fl oz) Water
Snack and/or Fruits
Long or Short Sleeve Shirt
Leggings, Pants or Shorts
Sun Hat (optional)
Waiver Must Be Signed

  • Price $30.00 USD Per Person (Guided Hike Only)
  • Transportation 1-2 Persons – $50.00 USD
  • Transportation 3+ Persons – $20.00 USD Per Person
  • Lunch Available Upon Request

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