St. Kitts Waterfall Hike

St. Kitts Waterfall Hike

• St. Kitts Waterfall Hike is a moderate hike to a spectacular experience. Located near Basseterre, the trail to the fall is used for those interested in a morning walk, run or hike. From the amazing views of Basseterre to the plush forestry along the trail, heading to the waterfall gives immense pleasure to your vision and gives an enjoyable time to those who explore the adventure.

Approx. 2 mi


Approx. 1700 ft.

Approximately 2.5

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Requirements Per Person:
2 – NET 500ml (16.9 fl oz) Water
Snack and/or Fruits
Long or Short Sleeve Shirt
Leggings, Pants or Shorts
Waiver Must Be Signed

  • Price $50.00 USD Per Person Guided Hike Only.
  • Transportation Based On Distance.

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